About Us

With more than 30 years in the business, the experts at Priority One Process Service, Inc. have established themselves by providing high-quality legal support services to attorney’s, insurance companies and the corporate industry in need of a skilled process server. The specialists on our team know just how to handle the different  issues that may arise when serving your papers.

It is our goal to always get your papers served as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. What helps our firm stand apart from the competition is our commitment to tracking and serving even the most difficult to find individuals. Do you have an emergency issue or a special request? That isn’t a problem for our legal support team. We are able to handle all sorts of unique demands to ensure you get the results you are after.

When Experience Counts the Most

Process serving might seem like an easy job at a glance, but it is actually a very complex and even, sometimes, dangerous job that should only be attempted by individuals skilled at what they do. With a combined experience of more than 100 years, our team of retired law enforcement officers, ex-military experts and specially trained servers go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your papers get served – we have seen it all and don’t shy away from the hard cases that come our way.

When the task of process serving begins to feel like a game of cat and mouse is when our experience, know-how, and skills really shine. We know how to safely and expertly follow and serve individuals, even when it requires using advanced methods to ensure that the papers are properly served while still following all of the local and state laws.